Sunsari Technical School (STS) now Sunsari Technical College(STC) located at Dharan and affiliated to T.U. and CTEVT was established in 2052 B.S. with the objective of providing quality technical education and vocational training.


It has now been the best destination for the local as well as country-wide student ever since its establishment. It has produced more than 1500 technical manpower and supported the economic growth of their family as well as ultimately the country economic development. A large number of its product have got well-paid job in local, national and international competitive job-market.STC has now been proved to be one of the best alternatives and only destination for the technical education not only for the target group of its surrounding but for those who are from far remote areas of eastern and mid-western development region of Nepal. It is located in an ideally peaceful education environment in Dharan.

M.Sc (Microbiology)                  2 Years
M.Sc (BIOTECHNOLOGY)            2 Years
B.Sc (Microbiology)                   3 Years
B. Pharmacy                             4 Years
B. Tech. (Food Technology)      4 Years
B.SC. CHEMISTRY                     3 Years
B.SC. PHYSIC                           3 Years
B.SC. ZOOLOGY                        3 Years
B.SC. BOTANY                          3 Years
Diploma in Comp. Eng.            3 Years
Diploma in Pharmacy               3 Years
Lab. Technician                        3 Years
X-Ray Technician                     3 Years
Diploma in Civil Eng.                3 Years
ANM                                   18 Months
CMA                                   15 Months
LAB Asst.                           15 Months
JCT                                     15 Months
Auto Mobiles                      2 Years
Office Management            15 Months


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