NAMI (Naaya Aayam Multi-disciplinary Institute) has been initiated by a group of like minded distinguished and committed Nepali citizens, who have established it with a view to contribute to the social and economic growth of Nepal through the established of a center of excellence for education.

NAMI is being developed as Nepal’s premium Educational Institution in partnership with the University of Northampton (UN), United Kingdom. NAMI aims to bring world class education to Nepal. NAMI students will be registered as University of Northampton students. UN & NAMI faculty will jointly deliver all curriculum as designed by UN & approved by Government of Nepal. Upon graduation, NAMI students will be awarded a University of Northampton degree. NAMI students will also be eligible to transfer credits to UN after Year 2 and to attend the graduation ceremony in the UK.


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a globally recognised postgraduate qualification for ambitious, motivated graduates. This unique MBA will suit those that are aspiring business professionals without previous business or management experience but have a clear interest in and passion for Business, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. Master of Business Administration under University of Northampton provides a platform to those having a thought of gaining leadership skills through experiential learning, either as a future employee or a future employer, and developing essential managerial skills to respond to new challenges and opportunities offered by modern business environment.

An MBA challenges how you think, lead and act in business. Employers always want more from their managers other than knowledge and strategic thinking – they also seek leadership skills, commitment and creativity. Our Unique MBA equips you to meet these challenges. Our MBA is designed to prepare business managers for the new global challenges ahead, by focusing on new ways of thinking and developing your personal and leadership capabilities.

MBA at NAMI is a satellite management programme from the University of Northampton, UK. The programme is designed and delivered here at NAMI on franchise basis in which our students receive same academic treatment as their counterparts in the UK. The line of polarity in terms of modules, modules delivery, resources, pedagogical strategies, examinations are between UN, UK and NAMI is another fascinating asset for students. Regular visit paid by UN’s professors, scheduled interaction sessions with our faculties and students, joint class delivery system are few other unique academic strengths added to MBA programme.

MBA at NAMI is a unique combination of all management fundamentals, like Marketing; Economics, Accountancy and Finance, Management – Operations, Project, Brand, strategic, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Global Business Development, Social Responsibility of Business, Business Negotiation and so on. These subjects enable students to develop critical insights while doing things in terms with consciously observing, analyzing, reasoning, and evaluating according to proven standards, and at the same time generating and expressing new ideas in the field of business. Our MBA students find a way of combining critical with creative faculties to comprehend various concepts and facts, and achieve problem solving abilities.

Our students complete 180 credits. All these credits are research and project based. At the end, our students will be able to do independent research, carry out projects and participate in all level of management discursive context. With this academic strength, NAMI produces competent and capable global human resources required for management world in the global scale. You will study alongside ambitious graduates and have the opportunity to engage with business professionals from a range of organizations and industries exchanging their experiences, insights and best practice.

BBA Program at NAMI

For those interested in developing their career in financial sector, service sector, hospitality, or starting up their own small business, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) under University of Northampton (UN) provides clear understanding of management concepts and develops interpersonal, team building, critical thinking, leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

BSc. Hons in Environmental Science at NAMI

People who are interested in environmental science and recognize its relevance to society at local, national and global levels are invited to apply for this multidisciplinary programme. Environmental science is a global issue, receiving more attention now than ever before and is going to increase in importance in the future. In this course you will learn about the wide reaching influences affecting the environment and the role that individuals and governments will have to play in the future, as well as the contribution that you may be able to make to approaching advances.

This programme initially covers a broad variety of topics covering a range of environmental aspects including biodiversity, ecology, physical geography principles and the subject of wastes as an environmental issue. You are then able to specialize in 2nd year, consequently you do not need to know what area of environmental science that you would like to study before you arrive. The course offers various opportunities for fieldwork throughout and may include a residential trip in 2nd year. You are able to choose modules that allow you to undertake more or less fieldwork depending on your preferences.

BSc. Hons in Computing at NAMI

People who are keen to study a broad range of computing ideas and develop innovative solutions to problems or improvements to current situations are invited to apply for this diverse degree programme. The computing industry is continually growing and is integral to people’s daily lives and businesses. In this course you will investigate the wide reaching influences that computers and computing technology have on the world, as well as the contribution you may be able to make to future advances.

This programme initially covers a range of fundamental principles pertinent to computer technology and its use throughout the world. As this course introduces all aspects of computing during Stage one, you do not need to know what area of computing you want to specialise in before you arrive. Indeed, many of our students choose to continue studying multiple computing disciplines throughout the course, thus maintaining flexibility for their future career options.

Key highlights(strengths) of the programme

*Provide up to date programme in the field of computing; relevant and responsive to the needs of industry and commerce, whilst processing academic depth and rigor appropriate to honors degree level program.

*Develop the students’ capacity for academic study and research, leading to the ability to evaluate, analyze and synthesize information, and confidence to present a personal point of view

*Enhance the capacity of students to have broad range of ideas of computing and develop innovative solutions to problems or improvements to the current situation.

*Make the students to investigate the wide reaching influences that computers and computing technology have on the world so that they may be able to make to future advances

*Equip students with skill and knowledge to enable them to embark on a range of careers, in the field of computing, or allied profession

How it is different from other institutions in Nepal?

*Way of teaching is different at NAMI. Courses are taught more practically than just giving the theoretical knowledge. Theoretical knowledge is given to build the base and more practical knowledge help the student to apply them directly to solve the real world problems.

*Teaching faculties equipped with all the required knowledge and approved by University of Northampton

*Labs equipped with all the required latest tools (hardware and software) which helps the student to work as if they are working in real world

*Opportunities to participate in various social work and other team work activities which enhances the students inter personal skills and ability to cope up with any real world situation


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