The objective of quality education is to make students competent in thinking and working. Education must encourage student to be sold enough to step ahead with the above mission along with promise and efforts.

Merryland aims at providing students with instruction at a par with the latest international standard in order to prevent the increasing trend of talented students to migrate elsewhere from Biratnagar for better education. We prepare our students not only to compete the students of Nepal but they will be able to compete the students of Delhi, Beijing, London, Washington and other famous education centers of the global academy.

The objectives of different course of BBS are:

To acquaint students with necessary managerial tools and statistical methods to be used in decision – making.

To develop skills in systematic analysis of economic aspects of managerial decision

To provide students depth knowledge of cost and management accounting required for decision making.

To give comprehensive management knowledge  to students become a good entrepreneur and create employment opportunities in the society.


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