It came into existence in 2000 A.D. in the name of Lumbini Engineering College with the effort of a team consisting of members having long experience of and dedication to modern, scientific of and technical education to decentralized engineering education and to reduce the compulsion of going abroad for technical education. Subsequently, as the part of academic expansion , this umbrella institution established Lumbini Engineering  Management & Science College (Affiliated to Pokhara University) Master and Bachelor of Engineering Level program & confined Lumbini Engineering College (Affiliated to CTEVT) to Diploma Level Program.

LEC is established with an aim to provide a quality education with high technical excellence with its aim of producing qualified and competent graduate engineers. The objectives of LEC include the following:

To develop competent, skilled human resources is the area of engineering.
To impact various short term and long term training courses in different sectors.
To make academic environment healthy, honorable and achievement oriented by enhancing the quality of education.
To provide technical assistance and consultancy services in the fields of engineering and socio-economic development.
To conduct research and training sessions for development activities.
To develop an education 7 research center in the Western Region of Nepal.
To provide a remarkable jobs opportunity to qualified human resources.


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