The Laseter Language Training Center is a premier English language teaching service provider.  We are a market leader with our internationally recognized English education program, high quality facilities, resources and student support. By developing proficiency of the English language in an increasingly globalized world, we improve the quality of lives of the Nepali population. We successfully operate to generate revenue and create jobs locally in order to support social activities that care for the underprivileged and marginalized people of Nepal.


Self-Access Lab
Our Self-Access Lab offers students materials designed to help improve their language skills on their own: speaking, listening, writing, reading, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The lab includes state-of-the-art learning equipment with headphones, computers and high speed internet facilities.

Multimedia Language Lab
In the Multimedia Language Lab we use video programs on topics of particular relevance and interest to both young and old. Activities in the lab extend from watching videos designed to help improve the use of English in real life situations and class participation in a variety of skits and plays.

The library facilities are open to all our students from Monday through Friday. The library is fully equipped with sufficient material to meet the needs of students of all levels.

Why Choose Laseter Language Training Center

  • Experienced, dedicated, and native English speaking instructors
  • Testing provided to identify and better the language skills of students
  • Small class sizes for interactive participation and personalized attention
  • Free study materials, internet access, extensive library facility and advanced electronic items for student advancement
  • One-on-one instruction sessions at student’s own pace


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