Islington College is an autonomous private education institution dedicated to excellent academic performance and student experience. Established in 1997, the college has had nearly a couple of decades long experience in providing quality and industry-ready IT and Business Education to Nepalese students, making it a leading Academic Institution in Nepal.

Having grown from strength to strength, the College is now directly affiliated with UK universities. For example, the College now directly partner with London Metropolitan University (LondonMet) to deliver their Bachelor degrees in Computing; Computer Networking & IT Security and Multimedia Technologies programmes for in-country provision. Being the first and only academic institution in Nepal to run a UK universtiy undegraudate programme, students may choose to study at both our Kathmandu Campus and LondonMet’s North London Campus.

“Students may choose to study
at both our Kathmandu Campus
and LondonMet’s North London Campus”

The College also has a direct articulation agreement with the University of Northampton such that students who study various programmes in the College may proceed to Northampton for the final-year of their BSc. (Hons) Computing programme. Given its new partnerships with UK universities, as well as the appointment of senior executives who have been educated at top UK universities, the College changed its name to Islington College in mid-2011.

Courses Offered:

IT Degree : BIT

Bachelor Degree in Computing

Bachelor Degree in Computer Networking and IT Security

Bachelor Degree in Multimedia Technologies

Business Degree : BBA

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (Specializing in International Business)

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (Specializing in France)

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (Specializing in Marketing)

BSc. (Hons) in Computing at Islington College


Autumn Semester – September/October

Spring Semester – January/February

The course is designed for those students who wish to specialise in the development and maintenance of modern computer-based systems. There are four areas that characterise the course. These are: Software development, Information systems, Networks and distributed systems, and Internet Computing Systems. The course develops technical and non-technical skills necessary for the graduate to demonstrate a professional attitude and work successfully in the above areas. Emphasis throughout is on what the student learns and can do as a result of learning. The graduate attributes of self-awareness, performance in a variety of idioms and contexts, and creativity and ethics are also developed by this course.

BSc. (Hons) in Networking at Islington College


Autumn Semester – September/October

Spring Semester – January/February

The course aims to provide students with expertise in the field of computer networks and IT security. It emphasises all aspects of computer networking and IT security, whether wired or wireless, and it is strongly supported by an embedded vocational curriculum (Cisco CCNA) which greatly enhances the employability of our students.

It covers areas of prevention, detection and correction as well as a professional education in the theory and practice of computing, with special emphasis on the technology and applications central to IT Security. The aim of this course is to help the students to work effectively with or in an IT Security development team, specialising in all aspects of network security.

One of the strengths of the course is the practical aspect, especially through the state of the art networking and IT security laboratories, which allows the students to develop hands-on competence and expertise. The course also aims to develop interpersonal, team working and IT skills and build up commercial, ethical and environmental awareness.

BSc. (Hons) in Multimedia Technologies at Islington College


Autumn Semester – September/October

Spring Semester – January/February

Multimedia unites digital culture, media and computer technology with networks and creativity, allowing for new ways of expression, production, exchange and leisure to emerge. Various industries have seen a rapid transformation over the past two decades leading to the appearance of multimedia professionals ranging from web designer to game developer, from media producer to web content manager, and from film maker to PR manager. This theory- and practice-based course immerses you in leading-edge aspects of new media practice along the lines of interaction design, and digital culture, teaching you to initiate, design, produce and manage projects. Joining the aesthetic, political and social debates focusing on digital media, and adding on to them in imaginative ways, you will produce a personal portfolio of work.

MSc. IT at Islington College


Spring Semester – February/March

The primary focus of Msc Information Technology is to allow students to gain an understanding of all the fundamental areas of IT systems, such as security, project management, database systems and communication technologies. Its aim is to equip students with a combination of generic technical skills and ‘client-facing’ IT skills in preparation for a career within the IT Industry.

BBA at Islington College

BBA (International Business)

The course enables students to study a number of leading-edge business subjects as well as allowing them to explore innovative and contemporary themes relevant to the modern-day global business environment.


This course prepares students for a wide range of careers within the financial sector, from portfolio and risk management to corporate finance, accounting and trading.


The course takes a progressive and critical approach to the ways in which organisations identify and respond to their customers’ needs by exploring essential marketing concepts and tools and showing how to apply them successfully and effectively.


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