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Global Wings Pvt. Ltd. is registered with and licensed by Government of Nepal, Company registrar’s Office as a private limited company. It is one of the finest Flight Attendant (Air-Hosts/ Air-Hostess) training institute of Nepal accredited by IAO, USA. It aggregates well-experienced faculty members. Global Wings is focus on the training and recruitment of the students. Training includes both theoretical as well as practical knowledge along with in flight experience.

Working hours
Monday- Friday: 10am-5pm

Effectiveness of Air-Hostess Training at Global Wings

  • Personality development.
  • Customer service operation.
  • Grooming lesson (Makeup).
  • Swimming and Ditching.
  • Handling extra ordinary situations.
  • Ability to handle risky goods.
  • Importance of tourism from Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) museum visit.
  • Ability to handle security issues.
  • Improvement in communication skills.

Global Wings provides a pleasant environment for the students with full-fledge of practical training which is very essential for an air-hostess carrier. It understands every student’s interest, their determination, requirement and assists them the right gateway.

Office is located at 3rd floor above Aagan Sweets, Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Swimming and Ditching

Human swimming is the self-propulsion of a person through water or other liquid, for survival, recreation, sport, exercise or other reason. Locomotion is achieved through coordinated movement of the limbs, the body, or both. Humans are able to hold their breath underwater and undertake rudimentary locomotive swimming within weeks of birth, as an evolutionary response.

Fire Fighting

Firefighting training is mainly done to minimize the loss of life or any property in case of fire. This training is much more important for a Cabin Crew member. During the flight, in case of any emergency caused by fire than a Cabin Crew Member has to get the fire extinguisher and extinguish the fire.

Grooming and Personality Development

Grooming is an art of cleaning and appearing tidy. It is also known as a form of personal hygiene. Grooming refer to a person’s appearance. Personal hygiene, tidy hair, appropriate dressing, body language, communication skill and manner falls under grooming.
Global wings is dedicated to groom students in such a manner that they will have enough confidence to approach any types of situation.

First Aid & Safety Measures

First Aid is the immediate and temporary care or the treatment of an injured or sick person in the spot before complete medical care or until the services of physicians can be obtained.

One of the most important functions of the flight attendant is to provide the greatest amount of safety possible to the passengers. In case of any accident or sudden illness, they have to offer immediate and temporary care to a passenger until professional care can be obtained.

Food And Beverage

As of a cabin crew, one must know all the name of the foods supplied in any particular airlines and also the method of serving. Airlines are also a hospitality sector, where cabin crews refer to as a face of the airline and the hospitality plays an important role for passengers returning.


Hiking is an outdoor activity which consists of walking in natural environments, often on hiking trails. It is a popular activity carried out for health benefits.

It is important factor for a cabin crew to know the resistance for high altitude, oxygen starvation, cold environment and many more.

In-flight Experience

In-flight experience is the real time experience where a cabin crew can observe all the activities that are carried out during the flight.

It is important for a cabin crew to learn the needed theoretical as well as practical training. Global Wings pays close attention to all the practical needs needed for a trainee to enhance their skills.

LSG sky chef Visit

LSG sky chef is the world largest in-flight catering company. We arrange one time visit to LSG sky chef so that students are able to observe what type of food is being served during the flight.


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