Babai Multiple Campus situated in Bardiya district was founded in 2044 B.S with full economic cooperation of local people of this district. It is situated in Terai region and was introduced as the college for higher education. In 2044/03/19, it achieved an association with Tribhuvan University Council .Soon after that in 2044/05/15; they launched teaching-learning activities at Proficiency Certificate Level in the stream of Humanities. It was one of the most backward districts in education though being in Terai region. This realization made the existence of this campus in accordance with the stakeholders, intellectuals, academicians, social workers and others too. Since then it has been successfully conducting PCL programs in management (+2 in affiliation with HSEB) from 2047 B.S. Similarly, bachelor programs such as Bachelor’s in Humanities and Education from 2059 B.S and Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS) since 2060 B.S. Also, it has one year bachelor program started from 2061 and Master in Education valid from 2065 B.S. All of these courses are in affiliation with Tribhuvan University.
It has a mission to provide quality and higher education by giving instructions to student about learning and paying attention to the needs and co- operation they need for their better future.

Education Programs Available:
HSEB Level Program:
For intermediate program faculties available are Education, Humanities, Management and Science.

TU Bachelor Level Program:
It has Education, Humanities and Management as faculties for Bachelor level. The class time is from 6:30 AM to 11:00AM which is same for all the faculties.
TU Master Level Program:

Two faculties are available for Master Level. They are as follows:
Master in Arts(Nepali)
Master in Education


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