An Introduction to The Asian Institute of Technology & Management (AITM) 

The Asian Institute of Technology & Management (AITM) was registered on 20 June 2012 to offer high-quality national and international programs in Nepal. Managed by experienced educationists and professionals, with more than three decades of proven track record and with both national and international experience, AITM wishes to be a positive agent of change, within the country, regionally and internationally, by collaborating with AIT in Thailand, IMI University Center in Switzerland, and other internationally reputed academic institutions so as to draw upon their vast experience and track record in operating in multi-national and multi-cultural academic settings. In offering international programs in Nepal, the main aim will be to transform Nepalese institutions of higher education into outstanding seats of learning, equipped to foster high-quality education, scholarship and research, to produce enlightened citizens with strong moral and ethical values.

AITM offers several national programs in association with Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) of Nepal and Purbanchal University (PU). AITM is currently offering 8 national programs. AITM hopes to offer additional programs of reputed national universities in the near future.

AITM has joined hands with Little Angels’ College (LAC) and Xavier Academy (XA),two privately owned and managed colleges, to form the Nepal Education Foundation – Consortium of Colleges, Nepal, now known by its acronym NEF-CCN. The main objective of forming this consortium was to create an entity that could become a national university by virtue of its physical facilities, academic programs and excellent academic track record. NEF-CCN’s long-term objective is to become a truly international university, with international programs, international faculty and students by 2020. NEF-CCN is building strategic alliances with reputable academic institutions in Asia and beyond to offer international academic programs, which can attract not only students from within the country but from Asia and beyond. NEF-CCN is fully committed to be a center of academic excellence in Asia. AITM is currently offering 2 international and 8 national programs. The total student enrollment is over 1,100.

Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) at The Asian Institute of Technology & Management (AITM)

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) field of study aims to meet the growing international demand of specialist in the application of computer Science, Networking telecommunications, and software Engineering. The program emphasizes on interdisciplinary curriculum. It provides students the necessary foundations and skills for a career in today’s fast-paced computing/IT/ telecom industry. This program focuses on better academic prospects through international vision coupled with local context, which will contribute very positively to human resource development and, through this, to the progress and development of the country.

Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT): The BIT is a four- year program which comprises of 139 credit hours in eight semesters. This course provides considerable breadth and depth in computer science, communication technology as well as mathematics, business management, accounting and humanities. The program has a very strong practical focus. In addition, training on new emerging technologies relevant to the market needs are also given to students as non-credit courses

Bachelor of Computer Engineering: Bachelor of Computer Engineering (BE – Computer) is a four-year program comprising 142 credit hours which integrates the study of computer science and electronic engineering. The BE–Computer program focuses in the hardware, software and theory towards the analysis, design and applications of computers and information techniques besides basic science, mathematics, economics and sociology.

B. tech in Biotechnology at The Asian Institute of Technology & Management (AITM)

In general, Biology is the study of living beings which includes their external and internal structures, physiology and ecosystem. Exploring the knowledge of biological systems to alter and utilize their natural processes for the production of beneficial commodities is called Biotechnology.

Pursuing a career in biotechnology can be immensely rewarding and exciting. You will study cells under a microscope, viruses that affect human beings, manipulate genes and develop technical skills. Biotechnology increases our understanding about the natural world in which we live, and helps us address issues of personal well being and worldwide concerns, such as environmental depletion, threats to human health, and maintaining viable and abundant food supplies. Therefore it is an enabling technology for advances in agriculture, healthcare and industry using tools like genetic engineering, tissue culture, bioprocess engineering and much more. It provides enormous benefit for the nation, particularly for building skills; value added employment and improving the quality of wide range of products and services.

Biotechnology hosts a bundle of techniques that are applied at the microbial and molecular level for the benefit of mankind. It normally deals with the management of living organisms for improving their products, enhancement of plants and animals or generation of microorganisms for the betterment of humanity.

Bachelor of Civil Engineering at The Asian Institute of Technology & Management (AITM)

Development of infrastructure is backbone of nation building. Civil Engineering, which covers a wide-range of specialized fields, plays a vital role to develop and maintain sustainable infrastructures such as, Roads, Irrigation, Hydropower, Buildings, Bridges, Water Supply, etc. Furthermore, Civil Engineering imparts the skill and knowledge for optimum use of resources in sustainable way.

Department of Civil Engineering (DOCE) at AITM/Institute of Science and Technology (AITM/IST) offers a four years (eight semesters) course on Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering (BE-Civil) in affiliation with Purbanchal University (PU), Nepal. The course covers many areas of civil engineering including infrastructure development and management and professional ethics. The DOCE has fully committed and highly qualified faculties, standard laboratories, modern teaching/ learning environment and continuous evaluation system. Quality education and learning environments are non-compromising policies and norms of institute. Final year students specialize in a specific project work in his/her interest besides elective subjects. Graduates of this program will be highly capable to handle the civil engineering projects and infrastructures as it covers a wide-range of multidisciplinary studies.

BHM (Int’l Swiss Degree) at The Asian Institute of Technology & Management (AITM)

IMI in Switzerland offers a full range of programmers at undergraduate and postgraduate level in Hotel, Event, Restaurant, Tourism, European Culinary, International Hospitality, Swiss Hotel, Health and Spa Management and Hospitality Entrepreneurship. The combination of quality academic teaching, Swiss practical training, excellent industry contact and breathtaking scenery are the recipes for success at IMI. Graduates can be found in senior manager positions all around the globe. Their success shows that to reach at the top it pays to start at the top. IMI University Center Switzerland is one of the top 10 University Colleges in Switzerland. Bachelor in international Hotel and Tourism Management (BHM) at AITM is affiliated with IMI University Center Switzerland and students can complete this degree based on AITM School of Hotel Management, Kathmandu, Nepal.


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