Asian College of Higher Studies(ACHS) is one of the finest college for IT studies in Nepal. It is the close association with the industry, collaboration with the leading IT companies of Nepal, state of the art infrastructure, experienced faculty and other factors that have made the ACHS a great place for IT education. ACHS unique and innovative standards of education, are perpetuated by a world class advisory board. The Advisory Board comprises some of the most distinguished names from various companies and academic institutions of Nepal.

To be an innovative global leader in imparting competitive quality education by transforming lives that will change the world for the better, at whatever level of the human endeavour they are involved.

The mission of ACHS is to develop citizens of integrity with the managerial expertise, vision, pragmatism and ethical sensibility to succeed professionally and personally on their own and with others. Also, we intend to prepare leaders to face the challenges of a dynamic and diverse world grounded in our ideas of excellence in education, the importance of community, and commitment to service.


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