Achievers College was established in B.S. 2054 with the aim of imparting quality and practical education for management students. For more than the decade the College has been engaging in building human capital.
Achievers is a well-organized Collaborative Community of students, faculties, staffs and alumni with a common goal of both academic and professional excellence, we prepare our students face the challenges in the years to come.

Achievers has carefully developed nurtured various practices that further strengthen +2 programmers. Class orientation, career counseling, report writing field visits and other different activities activities for +2 graduates has made our students the best among the best. Teacher student friendly relation, frequent internal and external examinations and I.T. friendly environment is the ornament for our +2 graduates.

The career offered in the faculty of management contributes to acknowledge the change and to pick up the pace in the motion to global economy as it is a conditional course combined to build the career in business and management equipping them with practical skills that enhance their employability in business.
It also enhances student’s broader cognitive faculties, communicative and intra personal skills. Which provides the foundation for life-long learning in todays commercialized globe. Management prepares students for careers such as bankers, charter accountants, planners, researchers and economists in various sector of economy and social science.


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