Ace Higher Secondary had been running under the umbrella of Ace Institute of Management until it spun off on April, 2014 as Ace Higher Secondary School. In 15 years it has established itself as one of the leading higher secondary programs in management in Nepal and is best known for its student centered learning environment. Though the courses covered are as prescribed by the HSEB, the education board we are affiliate to, in our delivery we do not limit ourselves to the prescribed course outline. Further, learning provided through wide variety of co-corricular and extra-curricular activities is one of the distinguishing features of Ace Higher Secondary program. On graduation from the program, students are well prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world.

Providing learning environment where students prepare themselves to face the opportunities and challenges of life in general and of higher education in particular.

The objective of the program is to nurture students into mature individuals who are confident of their knowledge and have a positive outlook. The specific objectives of the program are:

  • Enable thorough subject knowledge and understanding
  • Enhance self-confidence
  • Help develop a positive outlook and a questioning spirit


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